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12 things to look for when choosing a web design Agency

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One of the hardest and tough things about launching a new website and choosing the designer. With so many design agencies, Web agency or companies out there, it can be a monumental task just trying to figure out which one is correct for you.  This is certainly not a decision you want to take very lightly. After all your website is going to be the online and sales face of your business. It will be the first point of contact for many of your potential customers or client. As a result, your website or web application will be a driving factor behind whether or not people choose to do business with you. That’s why it’s so essential to choose a design agency or company that will help you reach your target audience and your business aim. So how are you supposed to choose? Here are twelve things to look for when selecting your web design company or agency:

They Listen to your Ideas and understand your Goal

You are an expert in your industry. As such, you know what you are selling and you have some idea of how you need to present it to your potential customers and clients. No one knows your business goal better than you. If a web design company or agency doesn’t listen to your ideas, you probably don’t want to work with them. Your designer needs to put your ideas or goal into action, not create their pet project. Virtual Qube Technologies loves a collaborative process and will welcome your ideas to use best practices to bring them to life.

They have their ideas

While it’s essential for your web designer or developer to listen to you and understand your idea, you don’t want a yes-man. You may know your business, but your website or web application needs to be designed by someone who knows design, if a web design or company does nothing but their head and produce a replica of what you say, then you are not getting your money’s worth. Your designer must be able to bring exciting ideas to the table.

They have a Marketing Department

A web design agency or company without a marketing team is like a Ferrari without an engine, Yeah, it may look great, but it’s not going to go anywhere. You want more than a responsive, eye-catching, and as per the current industry trend website. It would help if you had something that works. When a web agency and company have designers, developers, and marketers, you can be confident that the finished product will be more than just a pretty paperweight.

The Design with CMS in Mind

You need a CMS(Content Management System) for your website, without it, you will be calling a developer every other day with another request to update your website. Any web design agency and company worth anything is familiar with the best CMS(content management system) like WordPress, Drupal, Magento. If your developer or designer recommends a static HTML website, then you need to find a time machine so you can get back to this decade.

They know Responsive Design

Responsive design is not a passion, it’s simply the best way to design a website these days. Even Google thinks so, If a web design agency isn’t well versed in responsive design or suggests a separate mobile website is always better, then they are probably not suitable for you. While some cases where an independent mobile site might have some advantages, responsive design is generally the preferred solution, as mobile and tablet usage continues to grow, you need to be sure your business is optimized for every device.

They have a Portfolio of Live Websites

What’s the best way to see if a web design company or agency knows their stuff? Look at the work they have done, but don’t trust screenshots of home pages. You want to see the website they have made in action. Take the time to look through their portfolio and visit the sites they have designed, if you don’t see anything you like they will not be a good fit.

They have longevity

The web may changes very fast now a day, but that doesn’t mean you should trust some fly by night web design company or agency that probably won’t be around in a year, every year there are tons of new design companies that pop up and just as many that close down. So, an actual test of a web design agency’s ability is its longevity. You want a company that’s been around for a while and one that plans to stick around, the more experience a design company has, the more they had to change and adapt to the many new internet trends.

Their Designer Know Conversion

A developer and designer have to know more than how to make something look very nice, A good web design agency or company include a team of designer and developer who understand what makes a website convert the conversion, that means they know the proper layout, navigation, and call to action like “if it looks good they will convert”  philosophy doesn’t cut it these days.

They have experience in more than one industry

You might think it would be great if your web design company or agency only worked with one industry, after all, if they only do a website to increase the sales they must know how to do website marketing, but it also means you are probably going to end up with a cookie-cutter website that’s indistinguishable from the other seventy-five cat leash website they did this year. A web design company or agency that works with a wide variety of industries is more likely to create a unique website that will reach a bigger audience, Your website has to stand above the competition, not be identical. Virtual Qube Technologies, for example, has an extensive level of industry experience.

They have worked at both the Local and National Levels.

Whether you are a national brand, international, or a local business, you need a web design agency or company that knows both. If your designer and developer have only worked with local companies, then there’s a good chance your new website won’t be designed for big success. On the other side, the more audience your designer and developer know, the better odds your website will help you reach your business goals. It would help if you had a designer and developer who can think both big and small.

They keep up with Modern Design Trends

The last thing you want from a new website is a design that looks like it would have been popular last decade. A web designer and developer need to keep up with the latest technology and modern design trends, Client is much more likely to trust a business if its website looks modern. Good design companies or agencies incorporate what’s hot in their websites. A web designer or developer needs to be familiar with parallax scrolling, flat design, responsive, and dozens of other styles and elements. A website has to do more than look fresh to convert the leads into the business.

They are not dirt cheap

Your website is one of the most vital pieces of your business, unfortunately, this is not an area where you can afford to cut corners. When a web design company or agency tells you they will build a custom website for $500, they mean they will drag and drop your text and logo into a $100 WordPress theme that 12,000 other websites use. If you want a website to yield a high return on investment and generate revenue. A wrong website will result in a loss of business. Finding the right web design agency or company is not the most straightforward job you have as a business owner. VqubeTech is transparent, a leader in what they do, committed to delivering results for your business, and has experience across a vast array of sectors

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