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Streamlining Logistics Operations with Dispatchh Logistics CRM

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The Challenges

Dispatchh Logistics, a small logistics operator, faced inefficiencies in their operations due to manual processes for job sheet and docket printing, invoice generation, and tracking invoice payments. They needed a comprehensive CRM system to automate these tasks and provide insights through reports for better financial management.

Summary Of Services

Virtual Qube Technologies developed a customized CRM system for Dispatchh Logistics, integrating features for job sheet and docket printing, invoice generation, and report generation for tracking invoice payments. The CRM streamlines logistics operations by automating routine tasks and providing real-time insights into financial data.

Technologies used:

  • PHP (CodeIgniter framework)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL database

Our Solution

We designed and implemented a CRM system tailored to the specific needs of Dispatchh Logistics. The system allows for easy creation and printing of job sheets and dockets, streamlining the dispatch process. Invoice generation is automated, with options for customizing invoice templates and sending reminders for unpaid invoices. Additionally, we developed comprehensive reports for tracking invoice payments, providing valuable insights for financial management.

The Result

By implementing our CRM system, Dispatchh Logistics experienced significant improvements in their operations. The automation of job sheet and docket printing reduced manual errors and improved efficiency in dispatching goods. Invoice generation became streamlined, leading to faster billing cycles and improved cash flow management. The ability to track invoice payments through detailed reports enhanced financial visibility and decision-making. Overall, our solution empowered Dispatchh Logistics to optimize their logistics operations and focus on growth and expansion.

Client's Testimonials

“We are extremely satisfied with the CRM system developed by Virtual Qube Technologies for Dispatchh Logistics. The system has revolutionized our operations, providing us with a seamless solution for job sheet and docket printing, invoice generation, and financial reporting. With the automated features, we have seen a significant reduction in manual errors and a remarkable improvement in efficiency. The ability to track invoice payments through detailed reports has greatly enhanced our financial management capabilities. Virtual Qube Technologies has truly exceeded our expectations with their expertise and dedication to our project. We highly recommend their services to anyone in need of customized CRM solutions.”


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