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How to choose a content layout for your WordPress

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No doubt, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the key to increasing the visibility of your blog post and create a high-ranking website in Search Engine. But what if a potential client or customer goes to your blog and can’t understand your content or has a problem following through its layout? They will instantly leave your website, therefore to make your content readable and appealing to your audience, which they can easily read the content and understand your content, you need to choose a suitable content layout for your website blog.

Mostly WordPress development companies worldwide spend excessive resources on developing the most elegant and easy-to-follow content layouts that are appealing to the readers.

Why does it matter which layout you choose?

While people say don’t judge a book by its cover, it is crucial to have an appealing cover to attract your readers, similarly a visually pleasing and easy to navigate content layout helps you attract a more targeted audience, if your content is hard to read and understand, your reader will get frustrated and leave your website.

Hence your website layout dictates how your targeted audience will interact with your content and, eventually, decide whether they are going to convert into your customer, client or not.

Types of layouts

There are 5 basic WordPress layouts that can be used for a blog page:

  • Single Column or Full Page layout

With a single-column layout, you can display your blog posts in an exclusive manner that encompasses the entire width of the website, also know as full-page or full-width blog layout. It helps your audience navigate the content on your website.

WordPress developers often uses this layout to incorporate large featured images, large texts and often to add some magazine flair like drop caps and fancy quotes.

  • Two column layout

A two-column layout provides a secondary column along with the primary column that can feature your auxiliary content, suppose you can add your blog post on the primary column, and on the secondary column, you can either add links to related blogs, a search bar, or an about me section.

  • List content layout

List content layout is one of the simplest and most efficient layouts for blog posts, it has a straightforward design that improves the readability of your content and provides easy navigation, you also get the freedom to adjust the width of the list to personalize your webpage.

One of the most significant benefits of this layout is that it makes your website more mobile-friendly.

  • Grid Content Layout

Often referred to as the gallery layout, this particular layout is most efficient to showcase a collection of different blogs, it has a card-based design wherein each card represents a particular blog with its featured cover image, blog title, and a small excerpt of the blog.

You can also personalize the cards to add customized backgrounds and unique shadows to make your page look more eye-catchy and attractive. Just make sure that you clutter the web page with cards because it can increase your website bounce rates.

  • Masonry Content Layout

This kind of template style is a unique variant of the grid-based layout. With the Masonry Layout, you can customize the size of your grid boxes to give a complex design to your blog page, it gives you a better chance to grasp your targeted audience’s attention.

While making your webpage look stunning, it also enables you to highlight your most frequently visited or newest blog posts, to improve your grid’s functionality, you can use a few gride plus plugins that can help you support the carousel features.

Things to consider while selecting your content layout

Now that we have charted out all the available content layouts let’s discuss how to pick out the most ideal and befitting layout for your latest blog page.

Decide the target of your blog

First of all, when you are deciding to select the layout, you need to decide what your blog is trying to convey and who it is conveying it to.  Your layout highly depends on what your target audience wants and how they want it, hence you need to be clear about your content’s objective and how you will communicate it.

Aim for simplicity

When it comes to at least a blog post, simplicity is the king, Don’t clutter your latest blog post with a lot of features, animations, and fancy texts, if it’s too loud, you might end up confusing your readers and make them leave your website.

A simple layout makes it easier for your readers to navigate through the content and increase the accessibility of your latest blog post.

Browser compatibility

While general WordPress layouts are often compatible with all browsers, there are chances that some features or extensions might not be supported in a few device browsers. Hence, you need to make sure that you use only those features that are compatible with all device browsers. This way, you can increase the accessibility of your latest blog page and target audiences more.


In order to efficiently deliver your message and attractively with eye-catchy present your content, you need to choose the right content layout that is befitting to your latest blog. With an easy-to-follow layout, you will be able to attract more audiences and increase their conversion rate, and if you are looking for a WordPress development company that can guide you. We are here for you, VqubeTech provide the best WordPress development solution to improve your website’s performance and make it the ultimate profiting asset for your company.

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